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What is VideoHat?

We are 6 years of experience in licensing and rights management.

We helped lots of content creators to monetize their content and we also helped editors and platforms to license trending videos that they can monetize.

Here's how

VideoHat helps everyone

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Worry-free VideoHat

There's a fine line between fair use and copyright infringement. We've made it easy to use a large catalog of videos for your desired purpose without receiving any copyright claims.

Monetize your pets NORMAL attitude 🐕🐱

Do you have funny video of your pets doing pets things around the house?
VideoHat helps use making money to keep up with their dry food budget.

Here's for your next adventure

VideoHat helps you fund your next trip by monetizing videos from your old trips!
Took on-the-go of your favorite landscapes. If you have enough of these videos you can sell one of them to fund your next adventure.